July 16, 2019

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Sales Management – How to Use YouTube to Boost Your Business

Posted on December 21, 2009 by in Web Marketing, You Tube

The USP of the internet is its instant adaptability to market technology. Practice marketing, like thousands of other niche professional services, employs innovative online marketing technology to build and create their client base. The easy access to real time connectivity enables the customers/patients to locate the nearest professional practitioners- doctors, lawyers, dentists etc. through apps like Google Places and other GPS software/products.

Implications of Leveraging Social Media for Your Business

Practice marketing strategy combining different social media networking platforms can further optimize the client reach. YouTube is another unique, magnificently effective, video hosting service that offers mammoth client contact. Yes! YouTube, like its official slogan ‘broadcast yourself’, is the business platform for professionals. The individual person-to-person presentation happens in the client’s comfort zone and offers greater client-lead development and client generation as well as lead conversion.  The business implications are stupendous.

·         On YouTube  the  professional practitioner becomes his own salesperson

·         Hosting a brief video of five to 8 minutes of excellent visual quality, content, and presentation makes a better sales-pitch than millions of text and hundreds of phone calls.

The emotional response of the prospect to your video presentation will determine whether they will approach you or defer.

YouTube strategy to optimize practice marketing

1. Establishing your expertise

·        The first step to the strategy is to establish your supremacy or professional competence. There will be hundreds of similarly qualified practitioners in the same neighborhood offering the same service. Therefore, your presentation should address the standard client issues in your niche sector and then expand on the various process or services you can offer to resolve such issues.

·        What you say and how you say it, preferably with proof makes or breaks the trust the client is beginning to form about you.

2. Technology suaveness

YouTube offers excellent video presentation features to enhance the quality of your video. Make effective use of annotation, insight, audio swap, quick capture and even try the language option to improve the scope of reach of your video.

3. Advertising and Marketing

·        Establish your own channel but engage with your professions organizational websites.

·        Your user name will make an emotional connect with the client. Choose an appropriate name.

·        Add your channel’s URL to your Social network marketing collateral.

·        Testimonial videos and endorsements from customers increase your credibility

·        Tap into YouTube Promoted Videos to access relevant customer search.

Practice marketing on YouTube can be further optimized by understanding your client traffic through Google Analytics. Additionally, YouTube Insight allows you to review your video and make it more relevant.  Enhance interactive quality of your channel by allowing comments and initiation of conversation threads on the latest happenings, or breaking edge technology in your area of niche service etc. to make the whole experience of visiting your video more informative. This will also create ‘instant recall memory’ of your services whenever the need arises.